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In recent years, the deployment of robots in various industries has been gaining traction, and one such innovation is the KettyBot designed by Pudu Robotics. Launched on September 8, 2021, the KettyBot is a cutting-edge delivery and reception robot that features an ad-display to captivate customers and improve overall service quality.

This versatile robot offers multiple applications across different industries, incorporating autonomous navigation planning, efficient delivery services, and a streamlined design, making it suitable for a variety of environments.

One industry that could greatly benefit from the introduction of KettyBot is the hospitality sector, most notably in hotels and restaurants. Due to its advanced capabilities in helping with table service, the KettyBot can lead customers to their tables using the best possible route, thereby enhancing user experience and reducing staff workloads.

Furthermore, the robot is equipped with cruise mode, enabling it to provide customers with beverages and promotional materials while broadcasting information about services and offers.

Another sector where the KettyBot might prove valuable is in the retail industry. Stores could utilise this innovative robot to greet and guide customers, showcase special deals, and even execute last-mile delivery tasks.

By integrating the KettyBot into their operations, retail businesses stand to improve customer experience and optimise service efficiency, while simultaneously reducing labour costs.

Kettybot Overview

Kettybot is a versatile robot designed for commercial use, catering to various industries. Launched by Pudu Robotics, this innovative robot can provide valuable assistance in sectors like hospitality, retail, and customer service.

Core Functions

Kettybot’s core functions include carrying out delivery tasks, handling reception duties, and displaying advertisements. These functions make it highly suitable for settings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, and service facilities. Equipped with an 18.5-inch screen, Kettybot can display promotional materials effectively, drawing customer attention and enhancing promotional campaigns1.

Another major function of Kettybot is guiding and welcoming customers as a reception robot2. Its ability to navigate complex environments and interact with customers makes it an ideal solution for high-traffic areas, where an efficient and interactive concierge service can greatly improve guest experiences.

Technology Integration

Kettybot is designed to seamlessly integrate with various technologies, making it a highly adaptable solution for modern businesses. It supports multiple programming platforms and interfaces, allowing businesses to tailor its functionality according to their specific industry and requirements3.

Moreover, Kettybot utilises state-of-the-art sensors and artificial intelligence for navigation, ensuring smooth and precise movement through various environments. This level of technological integration guarantees that Kettybot can perform its tasks efficiently, while also adapting to the unique demands of different industries.

Manufacturing Industry

The KettyBot, developed by Pudu Robotics, is a versatile innovation in the robot industry. While it is primarily designed for service industry use cases, it may also find applications in the manufacturing industry. In this section, we will explore two possible areas where the KettyBot could be utilised: Assembly Line Automation and Quality Control Inspections.

Assembly Line Automation

The KettyBot’s autonomous path planning is a valuable feature for Assembly Line Automation. With the ability to navigate and follow set paths, it can help in transporting materials and components along assembly lines. This kind of automation would enable human workers to focus on more complex tasks while reducing errors and improving overall efficiency.

Its compact and streamlined design allows the KettyBot to manoeuvre around tight spaces, which is often necessary within a manufacturing setting. In addition, the autonomous path planning technology can be adapted for different assembly line layouts, making integration into diverse production environments possible.

Quality Control Inspections

KettyBot’s smart navigation capabilities could also be deployed in Quality Control Inspections within the manufacturing industry. The robot can be equipped with various sensors and cameras to inspect products and components throughout the production process, ensuring they meet the quality standards.

By utilising KettyBot for these inspections, manufacturing companies can identify defective items more efficiently, reduce manual inspection workload, and maintain a higher level of quality control. With thorough and consistent inspections, manufacturers can reduce the risk of product recalls, customer dissatisfaction, and potential legal issues.

While the KettyBot is not specifically designed for manufacturing applications, its features and capabilities demonstrate potential uses within Assembly Line Automation and Quality Control Inspections. As the field of robotics evolves, innovations like the KettyBot may find their place in various industries, enhancing productivity and streamlining processes.

Logistics and Warehousing

Inventory Management

Kettybot can significantly improve inventory management in logistics and warehousing. By utilising advanced sensors and AI-based decision-making capabilities, the Kettybot can autonomously perform tasks such as scanning and tracking items, maintaining stock levels, and simplifying inventory-related operations. This leads to increased accuracy, reduced human errors, and a more efficient warehousing system.

Furthermore, the integration of Kettybot with warehouse automation systems ensures a seamless flow of goods and data, making it easier for businesses to respond to customer demands in a timely manner.

Package Sorting and Handling

In addition to inventory management, Kettybot can greatly enhance package sorting and handling processes. As the volume of packages in warehouses continues to grow, so does the need for automation to enable faster sorting and accurate handling.

Kettybot can be programmed to recognise different package types, sizes, and weights, and then sort or move them accordingly. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces the potential for damage to packages during handling.

Moreover, the implementation of Kettybot and other autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in logistics and warehousing has become an integral part of Industry 4.0, transforming supply chain operations and supporting the growth of e-commerce. By streamlining package sorting and handling, Kettybot can help businesses achieve a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced logistics and warehousing landscape.

Healthcare Industry

Assisting with Patient Care

KettyBot is a versatile and compact delivery robot that can be a valuable addition to the healthcare industry. Its ability to transport items such as equipment, supplies, and meals to patients can help reduce the workload on healthcare professionals. With its intuitive interface and customisable features, KettyBot can easily adapt to different delivery settings, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for patient care.

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, KettyBot can serve as a supplementary resource that assists human caregivers. For instance, by delivering medication or meals to patients, automating certain tasks allows healthcare workers to focus on more specialised duties that require their unique skills and expertise.

Administrative Tasks

In addition to providing direct patient care assistance, KettyBot can also play a role in managing administrative tasks within a healthcare environment. The robot’s navigational capabilities and efficient design allow it to perform tasks that would otherwise require valuable time and effort from healthcare staff.

For example, KettyBot can be programmed to transport medical records, laboratory samples, or even laundry between various departments. This can help improve the overall operational efficiency of healthcare facilities, leading to better patient outcomes. Furthermore, the use of robots like KettyBot for routine tasks may also contribute to a cleaner and safer environment for patients and staff alike.

Overall, KettyBot provides clear benefits to the healthcare industry, augmenting the efforts of healthcare professionals as they focus on delivering high-quality patient care. By streamlining the delivery of essential items and assisting with administrative tasks, KettyBot is a technology that has the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare facilities operate.

Hospitality Industry

Customer Service

The KettyBot is designed to improve customer service in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants and hotels. This smart reception robot can lead customers to their tables with autonomous path planning, providing an improved customer experience while reducing waiter workload.

Furthermore, it is a cost-effective option, with some businesses able to implement robots starting at £8 a day, as opposed to relying solely on human staff who require holidays, sick days, and training costs.


In addition to customer service, KettyBot can also be utilised in housekeeping roles within the hospitality industry. Combining its autonomous navigation and customisable configurations, it can carry out tasks such as delivering fresh linen or other essential items to guest rooms, as well as restocking cleaning supplies and equipment for housekeeping staff.

This innovative solution can help reduce manual labour efforts and increase overall efficiency within the establishment.


KettyBot’s versatility extends to maintenance tasks in hospitality settings. With its customisable tray design and navigation capabilities, it can assist in transporting tools, spare parts, and equipment to areas requiring maintenance or repairs, allowing maintenance staff to focus more on their expertise without additional burden. Furthermore, KettyBot’s smart technology allows it to navigate through complex environments and respond to real-time changes, ensuring prompt and accurate delivery of essential items in a timely manner.

Agriculture Industry

In the agriculture industry, robots such as KettyBot are making headway in helping farmers increase efficiency and productivity. While initially designed for the service industry, KettyBot’s applications can extend to other industries, including agriculture. In this section, we’ll explore two potential applications for KettyBot in agriculture: crop monitoring and automated harvesting.

Crop Monitoring

KettyBot can be repurposed to assist in crop monitoring duties. Equipped with sensors and cameras, KettyBot can collect data on crop health, soil conditions, and potential pest infestations. By constantly monitoring the crops, farmers receive real-time information, helping them make informed decisions on when to irrigate, fertilise, or apply pest control measures. This proactive approach not only reduces resource usage but also improves the overall health and yield of the crops.

Automated Harvesting

Another potential use for KettyBot in the agriculture industry is automated harvesting. With the ability to navigate autonomously and perform tasks, KettyBot can be adapted to identify and harvest ripe crops, such as fruits or vegetables. By doing so, farmers can save considerable time and labour costs, while also minimising potential damages during the harvesting process. Robots like KettyBot can contribute to minimising food waste, increasing efficiency, and ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce for consumers.

KettyBot’s capabilities in the agriculture industry demonstrate the versatility of robotic solutions and how they can be tailored to suit various applications. By integrating robots such as KettyBot into their workflows, farmers can streamline operations, reduce labour costs, and improve overall productivity. Meanwhile, customers ultimately benefit from higher quality produce and a more environmentally friendly food production process.

Emerging Industry Applications

KettyBot, a new generation robot developed by Pudu Robotics, shows great potential in various industries. With its impressive delivery and reception capabilities combined with an advertisement display, KettyBot is well-suited for two impressive fields: space exploration and deep-sea exploration.

Space Exploration

In the realm of space exploration, KettyBot could play a vital role in assisting astronauts with their daily tasks. The robot’s ability to transport items from one location to another could be particularly beneficial in zero-gravity environments, where handling materials could prove cumbersome for astronauts. In addition to delivery tasks, KettyBot’s built-in advertisement display could be utilised to share relevant information, such as mission updates and reminders, ensuring that vital data is readily accessible for the crew.

Moreover, the KettyBot’s autonomous navigational system could be adapted to manoeuvre within a space station’s confines, facilitating the efficient operation of onboard activities. By taking on less critical tasks, KettyBot allows astronauts to focus on more pressing scientific experiments, machine maintenance, and data collection.

Deep Sea Exploration

Another promising application for KettyBot lies in deep-sea exploration. Underwater conditions can pose significant challenges for human divers, and the use of autonomous robots is becoming increasingly prevalent in the field. Equipped with the appropriate waterproofing, sensors, and communication systems, KettyBot could be deployed to assist in various underwater tasks, such as data collection and object retrieval.

The robot’s navigational capabilities also present a significant advantage in the exploration of uncharted territories. Its robust system could be calibrated to safely and effectively manoeuvre through the complex underwater landscape, avoiding obstacles and hazards.

Furthermore, the addition of high-resolution cameras and sensing equipment could transform KettyBot into an indispensable tool for the documentation and analysis of marine life. The data collected by KettyBot would provide valuable insight into the ecosystems and environmental conditions of these mysterious realms, paving the way for further scientific advancements.

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