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Pudu Robotics, a world-leading tech-focused enterprise, has been developing commercial service robots since its inception in 2016. These robots are designed to improve the efficiency of human production and living in various settings such as restaurants, retail, hospitals, and more.

With their ongoing commitment to research and development, Pudu Robotics offers innovative solutions to its partners and customers.

One of the key features of Pudu Robotics‘ offerings is the ability to customise their robots. Through their PUDU Open Platform, developers and distributors gain access to core software and hardware services within PuduOS, allowing for deeper integration and remote management of the robots. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt Pudu Robots to their specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration into various environments.

Can You Customise Pudu Robots?

Pudu Robotics is a leading company in the field of commercial service robots, dedicated to improving human efficiency through innovative robotic solutions. Their products, such as PuduBot 2, have aided businesses in various industries by providing reliable and adaptable robotic assistance.

One of the key factors contributing to Pudu Robotics’ success is the ability to customise their robots to meet specific needs and requirements. This customisation is achieved through a combination of innovative hardware and software solutions, allowing for personalised interactions between the robots and their users.

For developers interested in customising Pudu Robots, the company provides a range of development tools and resources designed to streamline the process and facilitate creative innovation. These tools enable developers to make modifications to the robot’s appearance, functionality, and performance, ensuring that the final product is tailored to the unique needs of each client.

In order to personalise interactions with Pudu Robots, developers can also integrate their own software solutions, thereby enhancing the adaptability and versatility of the robotic systems. This approach allows for a seamless integration of the robots into various environments, catering to the specific demands of different industries.

In conclusion, Pudu Robotics is a company committed to offering customisable and innovative robotic solutions to their clients. Through the provision of development tools and resources, developers can mould Pudu Robots to fit the distinct requirements of individual businesses, resulting in flexible and cutting-edge robotic solutions that elevate productivity and efficiency.

Fundamental Aspects of Customising Pudu Robots

Pudu Robotics Design

Pudu Robotics offers a wide range of robots with innovative designs and advanced features to cater to various industries, such as hospitality, healthcare, and logistics. These robots are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as sensors, motion control, positioning, and perception systems, enabling them to perform tasks efficiently and accurately.

Pudu Open Platform

The PUDU Open Platform enhances the customisation possibilities by standardising development interfaces and protocols for Pudu Robots. This allows distributors and developers to access core functions remotely and create innovative solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs, all while the robot remains on-site.

Software and Hardware Customisation

Pudu Robotics offers user-friendly development tools and extensive documentation, enabling developers to customise their robots with ease. PuduOS, their proprietary software system, provides APIs and other tools to modify workflows, analytics, and functionalities to keep in line with clients’ requirements.

The robots’ hardware can also be customised, allowing for the addition or modification of components to achieve desired performance levels and capabilities. This flexibility enables Pudu Robotics to meet the unique needs of diverse industries and clients.

Operational Efficiency and Automation

Customised Pudu Robots offer significant improvements in operational efficiency and automation. By integrating advanced navigation controls, Pudu Robots can quickly adapt to various environments, successfully complete tasks, and provide real-time updates to users.

Furthermore, tailored analytics and reporting features allow users to gain insights into the robots’ performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimise workflows for increased efficiency.

By focusing on these fundamental aspects, customising Pudu Robots becomes a seamless, efficient, and effective process, allowing for continuous innovation and improved performance in multiple industries.

Commercial Applications of Pudu Robots

In this section, we will explore the various commercial applications of Pudu Robots, a leading commercial service robot manufacturer. The versatility of these robots allows them to be customised for a range of industries such as hospitality, health, and businesses.

Pudu Robots in the Hospitality Industry

Pudu Robots have been successfully integrated into the hospitality sector, particularly in restaurants and hotels. Their customisable features make them ideal for automating tasks such as food delivery, receptionist duties, and more.

For example, Pudu Robots are at work in well-known hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton helping to improve guest experience and streamline operations. The use of commercial service robots in the hospitality industry not only enhances productivity but also contributes to increased sales and revenue.

Pudu Robots in Health and Office Buildings

In health and office environments, Pudu Robots are being utilised for various purposes like sterilisation, cleaning, and delivery of medical supplies. Hospitals and assisted living facilities benefit greatly from these customisable robots since they can be tailored to fit specific needs, making the work of healthcare staff more efficient and manageable.

Similarly, Pudu Robots are deployed in office buildings to perform tasks such as receptionist duties, mail delivery, and more, improving overall productivity within the workplace.

Pudu Robotics in Businesses

Pudu Robotics has partnered with several prominent businesses like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, Shell, MediaMarkt, and Accenture. Pudu Robots are regularly used in retail, catering, and convenience stores, performing tasks ranging from food delivery to inventory management.

The integration of Pudu Robots boosts efficiency and productivity in these businesses, resulting in increased sales, revenue, and potentially a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Support and After-Sales Services

Pudu Robotics offers a range of support and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth operation of their robots. This section will cover three main aspects of their support system: Technical Support, Sales Services, and Reporting and Analytics.

Technical Support

Pudu Robotics provides ongoing support with a comprehensive after-sales support system that includes exclusive technical experts and local support for their clients. This ensures that customers receive prompt assistance with any issues they might encounter with their robots.

They also offer free technical training and certification for PUDU robot operators, ensuring a strong foundation of knowledge and competence for handling the devices.

Sales Services

To guarantee customer satisfaction, Pudu Robotics offers warranty guarantees and value-added services with their products. From the date of product sale, customers can benefit from free product warranty services during the warranty period. This means that clients do not have to pay for inspection, labour, replacement parts, test fees, or courier charges for the repairs on their robots.

The warranty period for different parts of the product may vary, but customers can rest assured that they are covered for any possible issues that arise.

Reporting and Analytics

Pudu Robotics has developed an open platform, PUDU Open Platform, that allows for deeper integration and remote management of their robots. This platform provides access to core software and hardware services within PuduOS, enabling developers to change code and link to APIs more easily.

Additionally, the platform offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to better monitor and assess performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize the use of PUDU robots in various settings, such as restaurants, retail, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and hospitality establishments.

By offering comprehensive ongoing support, after-sales services, and advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Pudu Robotics demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and the smooth operation of their products.

Future Advancements

Cleanbot and Flashbot

Pudu Robotics is known for its continuous innovation in the field of service robots. The company has already introduced cleaning and delivery robots, like the Cleanbot and Flashbot, which have seen success in various industries such as restaurants, retail, and healthcare. These robots are designed to be efficient and accurate, with advanced features like proprietary upgraded PUDU VSLAM+ technology for improved navigation and obstacle detection.

In the coming years, Pudu Robotics aims to launch even more advanced robots to address specific needs better. By focusing on battery power and technological enhancements, the company hopes to create robots that are more versatile and adaptive to different environments.

Developing PuduBot 2

Following the success of their initial robots, Pudu Robotics is developing the next generation of their flagship product, PuduBot 2. This newer model will offer improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and battery power. The company is dedicated to implementing cutting-edge technology in their robots to enhance their capabilities and ensure they stay ahead in the ever-evolving service robot industry.

Adapting to Dynamic Environments

Another significant area of focus for Pudu Robotics’ future advancements is the ability for their robots to navigate and overcome obstacles in dynamic environments. As more businesses begin to adopt robotics, it becomes essential for these robots to be adaptable and flexible in navigating complex, ever-changing landscapes.

By combining their VSLAM+ technology with advanced AI algorithms, Pudu Robotics plans to develop robots that can easily learn and adapt to various environments. This will not only improve the robots’ overall performance but also ensure that they provide an optimal user experience for their clients across different industries.

In conclusion, Pudu Robotics’ commitment to innovation, overcoming obstacles, and championing future advancements will undoubtedly lead to exciting developments in the coming years. By focusing on improving accuracy, battery power, and adaptability to dynamic environments, Pudu Robotics aims to stay at the forefront of the service robot industry.


Pudu Robotics has successfully established itself as a trusted developer of service robots, offering businesses across various industries the opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity, and streamlined workflows through automation. These adaptable robots can be designed and customised by robot distributors to cater to unique requirements in diverse settings such as restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

The impact of these robots on human production and labour has been significant. By integrating Pudu robots into their daily operations, businesses are able to reduce operational costs by optimising workforce, freeing up employees to focus on more complex tasks and customer engagement. This helps in enhancing the overall productivity and revenue generation of a company.

Moreover, Pudu Robotics’ innovative approach towards creating robots that can work alongside humans has helped in redefining the positioning and perception of automation within various industries, ultimately leading to increased adoption of these service robots.

Developers have the opportunity to access core software and hardware services within PuduOS, opening doors to collaborations and customisation options that enable seamless interaction across multiple workflows in office buildings and other establishments. By leveraging analytics, developers can better understand the mapping and positioning of Pudu robots, further improving their performance and adaptability.

Customers seeking to enhance their brand presence through the use of advanced technologies, the implementation of Pudu robots in their establishments can provide a unique selling point. The attention drawn by these robots, particularly on social media, can spark curiosity and interest in potential customers, ultimately driving sales and improving the overall customer experience.

In conclusion, Pudu Robotics has managed to combine innovation, customisation, and efficiency in their range of service robots, providing a viable solution for businesses aiming to stay ahead in an increasingly automated world. With the ability to customise and integrate these robots into various environments and applications, Pudu robots are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of work and automation within multiple industries.

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