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The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot offers numerous benefits, providing a comprehensive solution to various cleaning scenarios. This innovative robot is designed to handle multiple functions such as scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, automatic water refilling, and debris discharge.

Additionally, with its autonomous driving capabilities, it can easily navigate different environments and conduct multi-floor operations, making it a versatile addition to any commercial or residential establishment.

Equipped with advanced features, the Pudu CC1 not only ensures thorough and efficient cleaning but also reduces the need for manual labour. As a result, businesses can save on labour costs and allocate resources more effectively.

Furthermore, the intelligent navigation system of the CC1 cleaning robot allows it to adapt to various settings, such as hotels, offices, and retail spaces, providing a unique and memorable experience for customers and guests.

Its multi-functionality, autonomous driving, and intelligent navigation system make it a valuable asset for businesses and individuals alike, saving time, labour, and costs while providing efficient and thorough cleaning results.

Pudu Cleaning Robot: An Overview

The Pudu Cleaning Robot, developed by Pudu Robotics, is a versatile and efficient solution for a variety of cleaning tasks. As a leading company in commercial service robots, Pudu Robotics aims to offer practical, intelligent, and user-friendly robots for the hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries.

One of the standout features of the Pudu Cleaning Robot is its multi-function capabilities. The robot can perform tasks such as scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, ensuring that all cleaning needs are met by one machine.

Moreover, the robot is equipped with a large capacity 15L clean water tank and a 15L waste water tank, which can automatically fill and drain the water, reducing manual intervention and labour costs.

Autonomous driving and AI technology play vital roles in the performance of the Pudu Cleaning Robot. The robot’s intelligent navigation system allows it to move seamlessly through various spaces, such as hotels and offices.

It can even navigate elevators, e-gates, and auto-gates, making it a reliable choice for multi-floor operations. With its auto access control feature, the robot is able to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring a safe and effective cleaning process.

In addition to being a highly capable cleaning solution, the Pudu Cleaning Robot is designed with the user in mind. The robot can automatically return to its workstation for recharging when the battery is low, ensuring that it is always ready for use. The docking station is exclusively tailored to meet the operational requirements of the robot, featuring automatic water refilling and charging capabilities.

Offering a range of features tailored to commercial settings, this cleaning robot is an excellent choice for businesses looking to optimise their cleaning processes while reducing labour costs.

Cleaning Performance

The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot offers a comprehensive and efficient cleaning solution for various indoor commercial environments. This intelligent robot is designed to handle multiple tasks such as scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping to ensure a thorough cleaning experience.

One of the remarkable features of the Pudu CC1 is its dust vacuum system. This advanced system effectively captures dust and debris on both soft carpet and hard floors, providing a clean and healthy environment. The robot’s roller brush can easily adapt to different surfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

In addition, the Pudu CC1 comes with a high-quality squeegee that helps in removing liquid spills and stubborn dirt marks from hard floors. This feature enhances the overall cleaning efficiency, ensuring that all types of flooring are left spotless and well-maintained.

The robot is capable of cleaning up to 12,000 square meters in a single day, while maintaining high cleaning quality through its high-frequency operations. This impressive performance is achieved by utilising state-of-the-art technology and high-grade components.

To summarise, the Pudu CC1 cleaning robot delivers a highly efficient cleaning performance by integrating multiple functions such as scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Its advanced dust vacuum system along with the roller brush and squeegee ensure that both soft carpets and hard floors are cleaned to perfection.

Overall, the Pudu CC1 is a reliable and versatile cleaning solution for various commercial environments.

Automatic Functions

The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot offers a variety of automatic functions that make it highly efficient and user-friendly. These functions enable the robot to perform multiple tasks autonomously, minimising the need for manual intervention and ensuring thorough cleaning in various commercial environments.

One of the most notable features of the Pudu CC1 is its automatic water refilling system. This innovative function allows the robot to replenish its water supply without any human assistance, ensuring that it can continuously clean large areas without interruptions. The robot is also capable of debris discharge, ensuring that the collected waste materials are disposed of effectively and hygienically.

The Pudu CC1 is designed to easily navigate through multi-floor operations with its auto elevator taking feature. This function enables the robot to independently access and use elevators, making it highly suitable for large buildings with multiple floors.

Another significant automatic function of the Pudu CC1 is its auto access control. This advanced feature allows the robot to identify and authenticate itself, granting it secure access to restricted areas. It ensures that the robot can perform its cleaning tasks without compromising the security protocols of the premises.

Advanced Technology

Pudu Robotics is renowned for its advanced technology, which is evident in the PUDU CC1, their intelligent commercial cleaning robot. This section will discuss the two key technologies it employs: Pudu SLAM and LiDAR Sensor.


Pudu SLAM is a proprietary technology developed by Pudu Robotics, combining V-SLAM positioning and multi-sensor Pudu SLAM algorithms. This cutting-edge system ensures that the PUDU CC1 can operate with high efficiency and precision in various environments, navigating through complex spaces effortlessly.

The Pudu SLAM system makes use of IoT devices to help with tasks such as autonomous driving, automatic elevator-taking, and auto-gate passage, as well as auto access control and multi-floor operations. By integrating the Internet of Everything with digital technology, the PUDU CC1 demonstrates Pudu Robotics’ commitment to innovation and superior user experience.

LiDAR Sensor

Another integral component of the PUDU CC1’s advanced technology is its LiDAR Sensor, which aids in 3D obstacle avoidance. This powerful sensor enables the robot to efficiently detect obstacles in its path, allowing it to manoeuvre around them while maintaining its cleaning efficiency.

The incorporation of LiDAR Sensor technology in the PUDU CC1 ensures that the robot can adapt to different environments and tasks with ease. This versatile cleaning robot is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, from restaurants to larger commercial spaces, providing efficient and thorough cleaning solutions for various applications.

By utilising advanced technologies such as Pudu SLAM and LiDAR Sensor, Pudu Robotics demonstrates its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable commercial cleaning solutions, offering a new standard of efficiency and precision in the industry.

Versatility and Adaptability

The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot boasts exceptional versatility and adaptability, making it a valuable asset in various settings. Its multifunctional capabilities, such as scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and automatic water refilling, enable it to tackle a wide range of cleaning scenarios. Additionally, it ensures optimal cleaning performance on different floor types, including hardwood, tiled, and carpeted surfaces.

This advanced cleaning robot is ideal for various types of buildings, as it seamlessly integrates with smart building management systems, access control systems, and building elevators. Its autonomous driving and multi-floor operation functionalities enable it to navigate multiple storeys, enhancing its adaptability for larger structures and commercial spaces.

In the hospitality industry, the deployment of Pudu CC1 cleaning robots in restaurants and hotels ensures hygienic environments for guests and employees alike. The robot’s ability to navigate through e-gates, auto-gates, and auto access controls makes it suitable for spaces requiring sophisticated security measures. Its efficient handling of tasks, such as dishwashing and table cleaning, reduces the need for manual labour and increases overall hygiene levels.

The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot offers outstanding versatility and adaptability across diverse sectors, providing efficient and hygienic solutions for numerous environments.

Future of Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry is poised for a smart transformation as innovative technologies, such as the Pudu CC1 cleaning robot, are introduced into various commercial environments. From office buildings to hotels and hospitals, commercial cleaning robots are playing a crucial role in redefining the way cleaning tasks are performed.

Global markets are beginning to recognise the potential of commercial cleaning robots in enhancing human production and living. Adopting these advanced technologies enables improvement in cleaning standards and reduces manual labour, allowing staff to focus on other tasks. Furthermore, the use of commercial cleaning robots contributes to a more sustainable future by minimising waste and energy consumption.

The integration of commercial cleaning robots like Pudu CC1 into the cleaning industry signifies a shift towards a smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly approach. As the sector embraces this change, the future of the cleaning industry appears to be promising, with Shenzhen playing a pivotal role in shaping its direction.

Pudu Robotics Product Line

Pudu Robotics offers a wide range of service robots designed to assist businesses in various industries. These robots are equipped with advanced technology and are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of their respective applications.


Bellabot is a food delivery robot designed to operate in restaurants, hotels, and other catering establishments. It can autonomously navigate through spaces while intelligently avoiding obstacles. Bellabot is equipped with a large multi-layer tray that ensures efficient delivery of food and beverages to customers.


Kettybot is another delivery robot designed for applications in hotels, offices, and shopping malls. Featuring advanced navigation, collision avoidance, and voice interaction capabilities, it offers efficient delivery services while enhancing customer satisfaction. Kettybot is also designed to adapt to different scenarios and holds a large variety of items including documents, packages, and food.


PuduBot is a versatile delivery robot suitable for a range of environments such as hotels, hospitals, and factories. It is equipped with a powerful motor and capable of carrying large payloads. PuduBot also comes with intelligent route planning, real-time monitoring, and teleoperation features, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery operations.


Holobot is a holographic service robot ideal for promotional purposes in retail stores, exhibition halls, and other commercial spaces. By projecting eye-catching 3D images, Holobot can attract and engage customers while providing product information and creating a unique shopping experience.

Connectivity and User Experience

The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot boasts advanced connectivity features, enhancing overall user experience. Its touch screen interface enables users to interact with the robot confidently and effortlessly. The custom operation panel heights and angles are tailored for ease of use, making it suitable for various users in different indoor commercial environments.

In terms of communication, the robot can easily integrate with upper-layer software systems and promote digitalisation and standardisation of intelligent cleaning services. This advanced connectivity allows the robot to work in tandem with many contactless delivery and building delivery robots, thus optimising the overall service quality.

The Pudu CC1 also features AI voice interaction capabilities, enhancing user experience by offering seamless communication. This technology enables calling and pagering functions, ensuring efficient operation even in busy commercial environments.

Moreover, the robot’s AI voice interaction makes it highly versatile, catering to the requirements of various establishments, such as office buildings, retail stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The Cleaning Robot presents a perfect blend of connectivity and user experience innovations. Its touch screen interface, custom operation panel heights and angles, exceptional communications, and AI voice interaction capabilities contribute to a truly reliable and efficient cleaning solution for a multitude of environments.


The Pudu CC1 cleaning robot offers a comprehensive cleaning solution, thanks to its advanced features and multifunctional design. By combining scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and other various functions, the PUDU CC1 is capable of catering to a wide range of indoor commercial environments such as office buildings, retail stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

This cleaning robot not only provides a thorough cleaning service, but also addresses workforce challenges by taking on repetitive and redundant tasks. Its user-friendly interface and simple operation make it easy to set up and use in various settings. As a result, businesses can rely on the PUDU CC1 for efficient cleaning operations, ultimately saving time and effort.

Moreover, the PUDU CC1 is suitable for both hard and soft floors, making it an adaptable cleaning solution that caters to the diverse needs of its users. With its autonomous driving capabilities, automatic water refilling, and debris discharge functions, this robot ensures a seamless and hands-off cleaning experience for facility managers and their staff.

In summary, the Pudu CC1 cleaning robot is a smart investment for businesses seeking a versatile and reliable cleaning solution. Its advanced features, adaptability, and ease of use make it an invaluable asset in maintaining a clean and safe environment while reducing the strain on human resources.

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